Sivion and Dert “Butterfly Sessions” Review

Sivion of DeepSpace5 had been missing in action for a while due to an accident he had earlier this year. However the guy is back and better than ever….for real! Apparently there was supposed to be a Sivion and Dert LP but due to technical difficulties some of the beats got lost in the fray. Sivion kept the beats he already had and decided to make an EP out of it. Enter Butterfly Sessions Dert (of The Tunnel Rats) on the beats and Sivon on the rhymes.

We heard “Here We Go” a long time ago when it was released as the single for the EP and it’s the perfect intro track to the album. A note about how the rhymes and production fit. The beats for this album are amazing and I honestly believe after listening through the project that Sivion is the only person who could rock these at such a high caliber. The beats are perfect for Sivion’s rhyme style and content and as always Dert never disappoints when it comes to beats.

“Older Now” is the next track on the EP and I think it just shows Sivion’s maturity since the last time we heard from the emcee. Sivion doesn’t release this EP without some guests of course, Othello and an emcee named Consafos bring some heat on the track “Brand New Day”. Which means it’s cypher with these talking about just loving life.

My favorite track on the EP has to be “Everything is Everything” there’s so much to love about this track. One thing I want to bring up is the insertion of cuts into Sivion’s music. We heard it a bit in his past music but I think it’s at an all-time high on this EP, DJ Because and DJ Aslan lay down some cuts for this EP. Because handles the cuts on “Everything is Everything”. I think Sivion raps about how society is these days, but I think it’s the chorus sums up the idea behind the song.

“Who’s gonna feed the people?
When everything you servin’ up is evil”

Like I said the lyrics, the cuts and the fact that Sivion sings the hook on this song makes the track my favorite on this EP.

“Do Not Disturb” I think is Sivion’s “letter” to hip hop at least that what I gather from the hook of the song. Listen to this track for Sivion’s love for hip hop. Another solid track on the EP is “The Inevitable” which covers the Inevitable (see what I did there) subject of pain entering our lives. What we fail to realize sometimes that it’s that same pain that makes us stronger, emotionally but more importantly stronger in Christ.

When it’s all said and done this EP had me craving more from Sivion and Dert, though I doubt that will happen, you need to pick this up while you have a chance. Buy this EP and you get the 7-songs along with the Instrumentals! Sivion raps over these beats by Dert with perfection and I think he’s the only one who could kill these beats like he did. So stop reading and go get Sivion’s Butterfly Sessions.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic)


~ by Michael Stover on November 26, 2010.

One Response to “Sivion and Dert “Butterfly Sessions” Review”

  1. Thanks for the review! We appreciate the time and support. God bless you bro.

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