Vision1 “Trials and Thorns” Review

Before this record I had heard of Vision1 before only because of MotionPlus’ mixtape. But that was the only time that I had heard of the duo. Vision1 are made of the duo Research and Details and they just released an album called Trials and Thorns the minute I saw the track listing I knew this album was something that needed to heard by myself. When it showed up in my inbox, the minute I got home I knew I had to take a listen.

To put this bluntly this record is a straight hip hop record, any hip hop fan should appreciate the sound and lyricism behind the album. We get beats from Theory Hazit, Fab Da Eclectic, Braille (wait a minute…..Braille does beats too!), Vintage and more. We get guest rhymes from Playdough (of DeepSpace5), Kaboose (of Scribbling Idiots), Sivion (of DeepSpace5) and so much more. Let’s dive into the nitty gritty of this album!

The single off the record “My Music” is where we’ll start, the beat was produced by Fab Da Eclectic and he killed. The track is all about the their love for music, the beat has a nice acoustic guitar melody in it that will make the b-boys dance. Research and Details have been in the game for a while and you can hear it in their verses, the chemistry and just a love for good hip hop.

This continues in “It’s Alright” one of my favorites off the album produced by the one and only Vintage. Research and Details rap about the people that have influenced their lives, whether through Christ or through music. The last verse of the track is my favorite where the two thank each other for the impact that the other has had on each others lives. It’s one of my favorite verses on the record and one I found myself playing this one back over and over again.

A couple tracks later we get the track “Vision1” produced by Garlic Brown, which brings me to talking about the beats on this album. Everyone brings the heat when it comes to the production, it’s classic boom-bap production. My ears melted when I heard the piano on tracks like “Vision1” and more. Anyway, “Vision1” is just about the grind and the work ethic that this duo has put in since they step in the game. Research and Details are here to stay!

“Purest Form” is all about how real hip hop is pure, clean, just raw lyricism and backbreaking beats!

Vision1 kills this album, this is an album that I needed to hear, like I said Research and Details have chemistry out the wazzo. The beats are what hip hop needs, we get to hear from some people we haven’t heard from for a while Kaboose, Obstacle and beats by Tony Stone (we’re talking the old Tony Stone who was on Braille’s Shades of Grey). This album is a must have for any hip hop fans out there. Research and Details are emcees that are amazing put together… are we ever gonna get a solo LP from Details?

Rating: 4/5 (Solid Project….BUY IT!!!)
If You Can’t Buy The Album Buy These Songs

1. It’s Alright

2. My Music

3. Vision1

4. Out The Box feat. Kaboose

5. Come Correct feat. Playdough

~ by Michael Stover on November 29, 2010.

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