BillyBo and Change are Alabaster Kin “End of the Road” Review

Honestly BillyBo and Change I think are two of the most underrated emcees not just in hip hop, but in Christian Hip Hop, this truly upsets me. BillyBo and Change come together as Alabaster Kin and released an EP End of the Road. The EP combines all types of sounds with the lyricism of BillyBo and Change.

The six-track EP hits you with production that is rarely heard in hip hop, it combines country (and by country I mean it there’s a good combination of a hip hop beat over acoustic guitar loops and whatnot) with hip hop beats and it works real well actually. My favorite song of the EP is right off the bat “Road to Nowhere” is the track that had a lot of emotion, I could feel the pain in that song. I have no idea who sings the hook in this track but it takes the song to another level. This track was on repeat the minute I heard this song.

After the storytelling that we get in “Winter Snow” we get “Need to Know” which is a track I think just voicing the opinions of BillyBo and Change. They cover the fact that they really don’t mind working independently because working in the mainstream is kind of controlling and lame (for a lack of better words). BillyBo and Change compliment each other real well (one of the reasons being that I can’t tell the difference between their voices) you can hear the chemistry between the two of them.

The storytelling continues in the track “Dreamer” which I think is an epic tale of work ethic. It kind of has that motivating vibe to it and has me pumped to follow my actual dreams to be an emcee!

Now before you freak out and ask why this review is so short, it’s because I don’t wanna give away the whole EP in this review. But I will say this the album has a unique sound that we haven’t heard before and it works really well. BillyBo and Change kill it on this record with some thought-provoking lyricism. I’m really looking forward to hearing an LP from these guys eventually. Go buy End of the Road now at

Rating: 4/5 (Solid Release, I WANT MORE!!!)

~ by Michael Stover on December 1, 2010.

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