Dave Santos “Stages” Review

Audio SketchBook Records has put in a solid year of work this year with solid new releases and one of those releases is from Dave Santos. The man’s a producer and I had never heard of him until this release, but just before I went to review the release I learned that he actually produced the joint “Timeless” on the Sev Statik Shotgun LP (which was my favorite joint off that album). The producer just released an LP called Stages which I believe is something that needed to be done by this talented producer so people who are sleeping (myself included) can contact this dude for some beats. Let’s jump in!

Stages is set up pretty much like most producers albums, from Dert’s Thumbnails, to A Night With The Sound Providers, he throws in instrumental tracks in between tracks featuring emcees to rhyme over his beats. In terms of the emcees featured the list is robust with some old veterans and some new names. Propaganda, Sivion, Scribbling Idiots and more come to give Mr. Santos a hand on these joints.

The intro to the album has a slight jazzy feel to it and it reminded me a lot of the intro to Ohmega Watts album The Find (which if you didn’t know yet is one of my all time favorite albums). We’re gonna skip a few tracks and go to the first track that I actually heard off this record “We Love The Hate” featuring the entire “starting lineup” of Scribbling Idiots (Theory Hazit, Mouf Warren, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown and JustMe). The crew destroys this beat, which Dave Santos made perfectly for this crew.

My favorite track off the LP is “Everyone” which features Lyrics One (an emcee I’ve never heard of, but would like to know more about after hearing this song) and Darleen Mayorga. I love the beat off this song it’s hard to explain but once again Dave Santos made a beat that fit the topic and the people involved. The track is all about how we all have things that we struggle with and how we all have a fight that we’re in. Amazing track and is one of the reasons that it took me so long to write this review because I listened to this track so many times.

The instrumental that follows is pretty solid “Fight On” is filled with piano loops and I know for a fact emcees are gonna want to rhyme over this track. And while we’re on the subject of the instrumentals, I just want to say that they’re all good listens and have the listener begging for more. He uses a way spectrum of beats, from chill ones like “That Feeling” to hardcore bangers like “Heavyweights” (my favorite instrumental off the record).

The outro to the record has the same sound as the intro and I love it, Dave Santos thanks the people that helped on the record, his family, his friends and of course God. I saw this record as a “resume’” for the producer. And this record needs to be shopped to emcees everywhere because Dave Santos is solid on the beats. With the right promotion Dave Santos has the chance to be the next Dert, or Dust, or the first Dave Santos. Pick up this record if you’re looking for boom bap beats that return us to the hip hop is supposed to be…..DOPE!!!

Rating: 4.5/5 (Extremely Well Done, Almost Classic)

If You Can’t Buy The Record Download These Songs

1. Everyone feat. Lyrics One and Darleen Mayorga

2. Heavyweights (instrumental)

3. We Love The Hate feat. Scribbling Idiots

4. Intro Stages

5. Impact feat. Klarity and Gideon Valor

~ by Michael Stover on December 3, 2010.

One Response to “Dave Santos “Stages” Review”

  1. Dear Blogger,

    The track is called “Everybody” and thank you very much for the review. Dave Santos & I are currently working on a mixtape called “City Stories” If you like my work, check out my band “Blueprint Graffiti” Thanks for the love!


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