2ManTrio “Rocket Surgeons” EP Review

The one thing that I’ve been waiting for since the day I heard about it was a 2ManTrio release. Now for those of ya’ll who’ve been sleeping 2ManTrio is Capture (of Future Shock and Solseekers) on the rhymes and Sundance on the beats. Also those who aren’t really familiar with their CHH history you’ll know that Capture has yet to release any solo material yet. When Capture told me about this I’m pretty sure I bugged him all year for updates and leaks ANYTHING. I’ve been waiting for a Capture solo record since I heard the SolSeekers People Watching LP a couple years ago. The 5-track EP called Rocket Surgeons is the duo’s debut EP, I swear if they don’t release an LP soon, I’m gonna hurt someone (I’m talking to you Capture :D)

I’m not gonna go over the tracks I already went over before (I reviewed the single “Illest Illustrators” b/w “Give Us Free” a while ago) so we’ll skip to “In Fact” it’s pretty much just a lyrical beat down for whoever wants to test Capture and Tunnel Rat Raphi. The track showcases both emcees lyrical expertise and continues to build up the anticipation for Raphi’s new album…..which hopefully will come out real soon!

So let’s talk about “Aim.Flash.Bang” it’s another track featuring lyrical expertise and just shows that Capture can flow with the best of them. Now for the most important part of the track, introducing Jurny Big! The dude has been silently making his re-entrance back into the game he has done guest work for Peace 586, Ahmad, 2ManTrio and Cas said he’s done some work for Illect Recordings. Jurny right now is on his Grizzly.

Now I’ve talked about the lyricism that Capture showcases along with his guests but let’s talk about producer Sundance. Before this I had heard his remixes on Sphere and heard of his work ethic through the Sphere boards. Sundance’s beats are combination of a solid boom-bap sound with a little bit of Toni Shift in him (see “Illest Illustrators” and “Thinkin Back”) at the same time though SD has his own sound, the first time I heard “Give Us Free” I thought this has never been done in CHH before and it probably won’t ever be done again. SD is nice with the question is where is the dude’s past work and what’s he coming with next?

“Thinkin Back” is one of my favorites it’s where Capture goes back and talks about how he met his wife. SD kills the beat with a sample from some video game and it works perfectly. Capture and Sundance teased us with this album. I feel like for the time that I was told about this project to the time I got it I felt they could’ve given us more, but I love what I hear from this EP. The duo needs to release an LP soon! Go buy this for $5 NOW!!!

Rating: 4/5 (Good Release, PICK IT UP, GIVE ME MORE!!!)

~ by Michael Stover on December 5, 2010.

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