Afaar “Art of Word” Review

Afaar I feel is extremely underrated and people have been sleeping on this guy for a long time. He showed his talent and lyricism on the Gallery Drive LP, so when Treyquel of End of Earth Records told me about Afaar’s sophomore album Art of Word I couldn’t help but get excited. I do own his debut album Write to Live and it was a decent project but it lacked a couple things, but on the Gallery Drive album I could hear the growth of this emcee. I now bring to you Art of Word!

From the beginning of the album you can tell that this project is going to be intense and it’s going to melt your face off with sharp lyricism and bangers. The opening track “Resistanza” which is an anthem track in my opinion. Afaar brings along Commoners and Kings and Analia to say that as Christians we can’t just sit back and watch the world around us crumble. God wants us to spread His Word and remain strong in times of pain and confide in Christ. I have no idea who produced this joint but the beat is a definite banger and one that should be blasted wherever it’s played.

“Make Music” is honestly my jam right now, I played this song back so many times when I first got this album it’s ridiculous. Afaar, Ruslan (of TheBreax) and Propaganda (of The Tunnel Rats) speak about their love for music. This track proves the point that while Afaar brings a lot of guests on this album (which I love by the way) he still commands the mike. All the production on this album are mostly filled with bangers and that’s a good thing because it fit’s the tone of Afaar’s voice, it’s loud and commanding (but in a good way).

The very next track on the album “Naomi” is probably my favorite on the album and Afaar plays the role of storyteller on this track. I don’t know if this is a true story or not but it’ll hold your attention. It’s definitely a change of pace when compared to the rest of the album but this just adds to the overall balance of the album. “Naomi” is a story of a girl that Afaar knew who’s life more or less spiraled out of control when her baby’s father left her (the baby’s name is “Naomi”). I love this track the beat fit’s the song perfectly and Afaar does a good job with the storytelling element.

After hearing the track “King Konga” which features Freddie Bruno (of DeepSpace5) and NomiS, I’ve come to the executive decision that the three of these guys need to start a crew together. I knew right off the bat that Freddie Bruno was gonna sound nice with Afaar, because I believe they show the same intensity and they can rip you apart if need be. Nomis comes in and comes with that same intensity and same battle rap style.

“The Source” I feel is a great track to end the album, the track is all about making sure that fans worship Christ and not the emcee behind the mike.

I remember when people saw the track listing for this album they thought the guests on the album might outshine Afaar, but I’m here to tell you that while he has a lot of guests he holds his own. Afaar is an emcee that deserves to be well-respected (as should most of the emcees in the CHH game). Afaar has no fillers in his rhymes, he rhymes fast and with purpose. The production will cause your head to explode and Afaar brings guests like 2manTrio, Sojourn, Braille, Theory Hazit and more on this album that should be bought by CHH fans everywhere. Afaar is a talented emcee and it shines through on this album. BUY IT!!!

Rating: 4/5 (Stop Sleeping, Wake UP and BUY THIS ALBUM)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Buy These Songs

1. Make Music feat. Ruslan and Propaganda

2. Naomi feat. Analia

3. King Konga feat. Freddie Bruno and Nomis

4. Permanent Damage feat. Theory Hazit

5. Art of Word

~ by Michael Stover on December 9, 2010.

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    Ruslan produced Resistanza!

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