Relic “The Green Light” Review

The Green Light LP by Relic The Oddity is what I like to call a “Work Ethic” album. Most of the lyrics and all the production was handled by the emcee from Canada. I first heard Relic on the “Portable Eclipse” track from the Stu Dent album, but after I heard Relic’s verse on the “No 2 Ways” track from the Sev and Dust record, I knew I had to listen to him. There was one point in the year last year that he offered the album The Green Light for free and I jumped on it like I’d jump on a Chipotle burrito. Let’s talk about it!

From the minute the album starts you know you’re gonna be in for a nice ride of classic boom-bap beats filled with jazz loops and samples. The title track and the track directly after that “Stronger” are tracks that I believe showcase Relic’s lyrical ability and wordplay. “Hopefull” is the next track after and it’s all about how we ALL face all kinds of pain in our lifetime. Pain is inevitable there’s really no way to avoid it, so let’s embrace and walk with Jesus to get through it. The beat is real nice and chill with some horn and piano loops in it. It’ll have you nodding your head.

Usually when I go through an album I get it and do a “sneak preview” by fast forwarding to the middle of every track and giving it a small listen. While with the track “Out There” I did the sneak preview but found myself playing this track back soo many times. “Out There” is my anthem personally, it’s all about overcoming challenges and not being afraid of what people think and the limits that society places on you. Here’s a couple of lines that struck me.

“Risk takers will embrace the day, hesitators only waste away”
“Crack your comfort zone in half break the yolk and then GO!!!”

It’s a great motivating track and I still play this track back (in fact it might even be in my jogging play list).

“Give and Take” was another track that shows Relic’s versatility, the guy is an emcee, a producer, a singer and plus he engineers all his stuff! “Give and Take” for me sounded like it was all about the grind off music and life. Relic puts in hard time and hard work into his work and this track proves it. The hook on this track is sooo catchy, I couldn’t help but sing along:

“The balance is off,
I want what I need
I give what I got
And they take it from me” ß this is all sung BTW

“Time Machine” is a track that I believe all of us can relate to and it once again showcases Relic’s ability as an artist. The first verse is super-relatable in that Relic talks about the time that he’s wasted living in sin and things that he’s done wrong. He wants to go back in time and change the wrong decisions he’s made. Flip the script though there are the good times that’d he like to go back and revisit, which is something that I haven’t really thought of when it comes to going back in time.

Simply put, Relic kills this album he did everything on this album and there’s no reason that this album shouldn’t be in you hip hop arsenal. The guy has excellent wordplay, lyrical ability and solid beats. He brings guests Shad, Omslaw and more. Go get the Green Light and keep an eye for whatever Relic has coming out next!

Rating: 4/5 (Solid Album, Quit Sleeping!!!)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Buy These Songs

1. Out There

2. Let Em Know feat. Soul and Kam Moye

3. Hopefull

4. Time Machine

5. Count Your Blessings feat. Shad

~ by Michael Stover on December 11, 2010.

One Response to “Relic “The Green Light” Review”

  1. Thanks for the review. This was a great find. Never heard of this guy, but this album is fire!!! Keep the reviews coming!

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