Braille “Weapon Aid” Review

Braille is a staple in the Christian Hip Hop community and played a real big part in my listening to Christian Hip Hop. Shades of Grey was one of the first CHH albums that I received and it’s still a classic in my eyes. A couple albums later we’re given Weapon Aid it’s a completely different album than anything we’ve heard from the Lightheaded emcee. Braille’s been through a lot this last year and the product is an emotional and darker album from the Humble Beast member.

After the first track on the album we are blessed with the single track “Give Myself” it’s one of my favorite tracks from this year. The track packs so much emotion and the last hook of the chorus I could just feel my heart beating faster because of how much intensity the track packs, both in the beat produced by Big Jess (who produced all but two tracks on the album) and Braille’s voice. The track is all about giving himself to his former wife and his child. The track has so much passion and when this song came out before the album I rocked it sooo many times and still rock it now!

“Up” is another one of my favorite songs on the album, produced by Humble Beast beat maker Xperiment, Braille destroys this beat. One thing about this album is that Braille tackles numerous subjects in all the tracks on this album. I like this facet of the album because you have to think while listening to this album. I think the album has to be listened to a couple of times to digest everything this album has to offer.

The only feature track on this album is called “Revenge (The Right Way)” the track features Ruslan and Beleaf of TheBreax. The track is all about well handling wrongdoing in the correct fashion. One by letting Christ handle it, and by still loving the person who’s done you wrong. While Weapon Aid may be a dark album I believe that the hope and goodness also shines in these tracks.

We see a different side of Braille on this joint and I like this side. This is a side we’ve never seen but this is a side that just continues to show Braille’s versatility on the microphone. The beats fit this project perfectly and Braille bears his soul, his scars and his happiness for a very personal record that fans should enjoy. Usually I like hearing a lot of guests on albums, but I think it was good for Braille to mostly have the mike to himself on this one. Go pick up this project and stay tuned all this week for more reviews from the Humble Beast Camp

Rating: 4/5 (Good Record, BUY IT)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Buy These Songs

1. Up

2. Give Myself

3. Resurrect Me
4. Nothing Left To Say

5. Shoeless Joe

~ by Michael Stover on December 13, 2010.

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