Poems X Dust “Dirty Words” Review

Humble Beast has been dope all year long starting with the Humble Beginnings compilation LP and now here we are at the end of the year and we get something at least I’ve been waiting for since my Senior Year of High School…..Dirty Words by Poems (previously of L.A Symphony) and Dust (of DeepSpace5 and Mars ILL). People have been waiting for this album for a long time and some (myself included) thought that we would never see the light of day from what is guaranteed to be a classic project. So enough mumbo jumbo, let’s review this record!

I’m sure that just like me, you have extremely high expectations for this record and let me tell you right now that they DO NOT DISSAPPOINT! The album has that signature Dust sound and as always I Poems brings the heat. “Power to the People” is the first track and it starts the album off perfectly, Dust with the banging drums and Poems just lets you know what you’re in about to hear throughout this album. The next track “Listen Up” is much of the same (but not in a bad way) except this time PND (Poems and Dust) brings Sev Statik to drop a verse and a very dope hook.

Move a couple tracks forward and our ears are blessed with the track “Change” which features Speech of Arrested Development (destroys his short verse BTW) and Elias. Poems pretty just throws at you every single problem that our society has these days and rolls it into a verse. Now it’s not just a list, but he shows how one problem can lead to another a perfect example being “Poverty promotes violence”. It’s a very nice song and Elias works his magic on the hook making this song a classic!

“If You Wanna Know” is Poems introducing himself and answering questions that I believe some people would assume the answer just by knowing his background. It’s putting assumptions to rest by letting the man speak for himself and give the truth when others are possibly conjuring up lies.

A Dust produced record isn’t that unless we hear an interlude by the producer (even though Back to Dust lacked that) and that’s what “Man vs. Machine” is. Right after that we get one of my favorite tracks “Lonestar” this song was actually out and about on youtube a while before the record was released. I’m not entirely sure what “Lonestar” is about but I could just feel the emotion and pain in the song. At the same time though I could hear the determination and confidence in the track too. The last verse in “Lonestar” might be my favorite verse from this year.

“My anger steered wrong I hated that daddy was gone
Played catch by myself, I could never go home”

“I have two things to hold, a dream and a wish
I have to things to break a bone and a promise”

Now I’d like to talk about “Will Not Be Sold” and “Fly” but due to space constraints I’m gonna skip to my favorite track on the album. “Dig Deep” is straight epic, if I’m correct it’s all about his father and how he came from a broken family. He doesn’t hold back in this track, you can feel the pain in the track, but at the same time you can hear the forgiveness and love in this track. This was an especially good track for me, mostly because I can relate to what he’s talking about. Dust as always destroys the beat and does an awesome escalation of said beat in the chorus, which just adds to the epic feel of the track.

If you haven’t noticed by now I love this album, it exceeded the high expectations that I had for the project. Right now on my list it’s in my Top 3 of 2010 (granted I haven’t listened to JustMe’s Tragedy and Dope and DeepSpace5’s new album). Regardless this album is definitely Top 5 material for this year and is a must have for fans of both Poems and Dust. Even before this record came out I think Dust solidified himself as the best producer in CHH (no I’m not joking right now, I’m dead serious). Dust makes every single emcee he’s with sound better (I’m not saying that the emcees he works with doesn’t have talent, you get the point…..right?). He’s done it with DeepSpace5 solo projects with Manchild, Sev Statik and now Poems. It’s sad that Dust has had to step away from producing for now, but he really is the best CHH producer period. Get this record to experience EPICNESS in HIP-HOP!!!

Rating: 4.5/5 (Soo close to CLASSIC, Buy a copy for you and One for your friend)

If You Can’t Buy The Album, Buy These Songs

1. Dig Deep

2. Lonestar

3. Fly feat. Theory Hazit and Manchild

4. Change feat. Speech and Elias

5. If You Wanna Know

~ by Michael Stover on December 19, 2010.

One Response to “Poems X Dust “Dirty Words” Review”

  1. Great review man. I been wanting to do a review on this album myself but I haven’t had the time. Its probably my fav album to come out last year.

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