Best of 2010 Podcast

2010 was definitely an amazing year in CHH History, 12 EP releases by the Scribbling Idiot Crew including 3 LP releases by members of the Crew. We were introduced to Humble Beast through a compilation album and a 3 releases under the new label. We’ve been introduced to new groups including Gallery Drive, Soulfficial and more. Here’s a 30 song podcast dedicated to my favorite releases of this year! ENJOY!!!


Rock and Roll feat. Evidence by Cookbook and Uno Mas- The Music Factory
Road to Nowhere by Alabaster Kin (BillyBo and Change)- End of the Road
Soul Official feat. Xperiment by Soulfficial- Forever is Ours Mixtape
Deuteronomy + Spirit= University by JustMe and Wonder Brown- Quintessential
On Behalf of the Silenced by Nomis- Rosario Dawson EP
Heaven Knows by Griffin- Samson
It’s A Beautiful Day by Mikel Anthony- The Schematic
ITHIRST by dropsciGIANTS- littleONES
American Idle feat. Pigeon John by Heath McNease- The Gun Show
Hem of His Robe by Gallery Drive- Scratching the Surface
Brand New Day feat. Othello and Consafos by Sivion- Butterfly Sessions
Throwing Voices feat. Movement and Manchild by Name Basic- The Subtle Stampede
The Battery (Children) feat. Shames Worthy by Peace 586- aBle
Out of the Box feat. Kaboose by Vision1- Trials and Thorns
Follow Us feat. Beleaf, Regg Henry, Deacon Blair by Ruslan- Right Out Loud The Prequel EP
Transformation feat. Cas Metah by Ruffian- Urge for Conscious Words
Steamroller HazitMix by Sev Statik- Back to Dust (Hazit Remix)
Aim. Flash. Bang. Feat. Jurny Big by 2ManTrio- Rocket Surgeons EP
Take It To Heart feat. Sev Statik, Jaz and Sonshine by Antioch Alumni- Cram Sessions 5
The Great Divide by Othello and DJ Vajra- The Required Taste
Currently Flow by Xperiment- Precipitation: The Sound Cloud Collection
Shut Us Down  feat. LeCrae and After Edmund by Sho Baraka- Lions and Liars
Everybody feat. Lyrics One by Dave Santos- Stages LP
Telephone by Shad- TSOL
Make Music feat. Propaganda and Ruslan by Afaar- Art of Word
Change feat. Elias and Speech of Arrested Development by Poems and Dust- Dirty Words
I Know by JustMe and Deacon the Villain- Tragedy and Dope
It’s So Sweet feat. LMNO and DJ Idull by Theory Hazit and Toni Shift- Modern Marvels
Prayer by Sean Little and Wonder Brown- A Love Aphiliated
Where Amazing Happens by DeepSpace5- The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

~ by Michael Stover on December 24, 2010.

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