2011 “Music Update”

2011 at first I thought was going to have a slow start, I didn’t really hear a lot and even the people I asked didn’t really respond. But here we are the second week of January and we have a lot of new releases out already. Let’s talk!

Shames Worthy The Album- Formerly known as Raphi the Tunnel Rat has released an album and from what I’ve been told and the singles I’ve listened to, it’s different from the Shames Worthy “Raphi” that we saw on the record “Cali Quake”. Production is done by Raphi, Peace 586, Sojourn and most of the production was done by D-Ski the illEagle. I just got the record and I’m excited to see what the TRZ emcee is up to.

Carmel Skellington- This group is made up of DeepSpace emcee Sintax and producer Davide Kelly, I believe they’re finally gonna release a LP this year. Their single “Legends of the Fall” released a while ago and hopefully we have an LP to follow it up with very soon.

Page One and DJ Because- I had heard about them releasing something a while back but it never happened. They too are about to release a single pretty soon also, “It’s About Time” with a b-side track. Not sure if they’re releasing an LP but I think we’ll see something from them eventually.

Propaganda and Odd Thomas- The two have come together from Humble Beast records to put a record together called “Art Ambidextrous” and it’s definitely a different record from anything we’ve heard in a while. It’s not just a hip hop record, from what I’ve heard it’s also a Spoken Word record. You heard a bit of the record from the song on the Humble Beast compoliation it was called “Beautiful Pain”.

Everything mentioned above are records that I already have in my collection and will be reviewing very soon. So stay tuned for updates and the like from myself!

~ by Michael Stover on January 14, 2011.

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