Propaganda and Odd Thomas “Art Ambidextrous” Review

The first time I heard Propaganda was on the Sev Statik track “Warning” (where I actually got him and Dokument switched), but once I got it right and started to some research on the TRZ emcee, I learned that he was a lot more than an emcee. Releasing videos of Spoken Word and films of Poetry, I asked myself when in the world will he release a Spoken Word album. Spoken Word is something that is prevalent in hip-hop but we don’t really see it a lot on album releases. That changes with Propaganda’s new record “Art Ambidextrous” he said in an interview that it’s 50% rap and 50% poetry and that’s exactly what we get.

“The City” is the track that starts this journey and it’s straight poetry. “You are not your hood” is a quote that struck me on this track. Propaganda does a good job of storytelling on this whole record, “The City” tells the story of someone who started in the hood but rose up and refused to let the life she was given slow her down. One thing I’ve noticed with this record is that while there is a lot of storytelling, you’ve got to dig deeper if you want to get the full message of each song. This isn’t a one listen and you’ve absorbed everything type album, I’ve played this album at four times before sitting down to write this. And I think it’s because of this that the album will have longevity as time progresses.

“Inheritance” was another track that struck me, emotion is prevalent in this entire record from the poetry to the rap tracks done. This is a poetry track that once again involves storytelling, but this one as the track progresses you can just hear the pain in the character’s that Propaganda depicts in this track. Propaganda is one of the best at making you forget that you’re listening to a hip hop record and putting you right where the characters are, almost as if you’re watching a movie.

After the funny Spoken Word “Interlude” and the track “I Hate It” we get “Change the World” which features Humble Beast and Lightheaded member Braille. The track is all about not wasting our time and at least attempting to change the faulty world that we live in. Another favorite track of mine on the record is “Dig” the topic is simple we’ve got to Dig deep in order to get what we want. Our life depends on us going deep within ourselves to really get the motivation we need to live right, do right and more.

Propaganda really steps it up here and he does something that is either 1. Going to start a trend or 2. Will not be heard again for a long time. Propaganda has set the groundwork for something that I’ve been waiting to hear for a while….pretty much ever since I’ve heard Spoken Word. One thing I didn’t really touch in the review was the production from Odd Thomas. It’s solid production, but nothing mind-blowing, I believe that Propaganda’s words overshadow his production. This album will be free so you all better pick it up, it’s a very good mix of poetry and hip hop.

Rating: 4/5 (Solid Effort and finally an album with Poetry)

~ by Michael Stover on January 28, 2011.

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