Michael Manasseh releases “Gradient Skies”

Michael Manasseh has more or less been extremely busy, however here he is releasing his sophomore effort “Gradient Skies”. Now my hope is that this is the beginning of the releases that Manasseh said would be released last year (The B-Sides Record and the Adam L album). But for now enjoy this it has guests Sev Statik, Jabee and more. With production by Rob Viktum, Playdough and more! Peep the tracklisting and click to buy the album for $5

Gradient Skies track listing:
1. Flawed and Beautiful (prod. by Saevio is Dead)
2. Gravel feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by DJ Chips)
3. Gradient Skies (prod. by Manasseh)
4. Release feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by Manasseh)
5. Bully Raps feat. Playdough (prod. by Playdough)
6. 6th Dimension (prod by Manasseh)
7. Where Are You Today? feat. Jabee (prod. by DocVile)
8. Reflections of A.R.T. feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by Manasseh)
9. Kick Rocks (prod. by Donald Woody Jr.)
10. Crummy feat. DJ Chips (prod. by DJ Chips)
11. Dedication feat. Sev Statik (prod. by Manasseh)
12. Hollie Jones (prod. by Adam L.)
13. Sunshine feat. Carlitta Durand (prod. by Manasseh)
14. Pocket Full (prod. by Manasseh)
15. Life Moves feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by Rob Viktum)
16. I Really Use To.. (prod. by Ob One)
17. Daytime Come (prod. by Manasseh)
Bonus Track: Reflections of A.R.T. remix by Manasseh


~ by Michael Stover on February 2, 2011.

One Response to “Michael Manasseh releases “Gradient Skies””

  1. This is a very hot album. Thanks for this post. It’s great for people who want that real hip hop

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