Afaar Releases Single “Play Strong” for the new EP “Exhibit A”

After just coming off of his sophomore release “Art of Word” the Gallery Drive emcee is still on the grind and is in fact going to release “Exhibit A” soon. To get you guys thinking about what this release might sound like here’s the new single “Play Strong”. Along with what Afaar said about the single.

The track is called, “Play Strong” produced by Boonie Mayfield

Meaning of “Play Strong”
The significance of the track is, it touches on the decisions I’ve made, and the revelations I’ve had this past year. In moving from California to Canada, I’ve had some mental and spiritual epiphanies  that helped shape my thoughts and opinions on life, and my own faith. In this track I related my life and what I do as a small piece of a bigger picture, like a note in a song. But that note is important to bring the song together. So we can look at our lives as insignificant if we want, but the reality is we all come together to make something beautiful when God calls us to play our note. So I choose to wait for my time and when it is, I’m going to play strong.


~ by Michael Stover on February 10, 2011.

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