My Album of the Year: Theory Hazit “Modern Marvels”

Now when I was on the panel for Sphere of Hip Hop, I chose Sean Little and Wonder Brown’s “A Love Aphiliated” but when the record didn’t make it past to the finals, “Modern Marvels” was an easy second choice. I got this album early in December of 2009 and I keep it in rotation to this day, in fact when finals came around last quarter this was the album that I played and I intend to do the same next week (that’s right my dang finals are next week and I ain’t happy about it).

Theory discovered yet another golden producer in Toni Shift and his beats had a sound that we hadn’t really heard before in  our genre. And as always Theory came with the illest covering a different topics from the society that we live in to the battle that some homosexuals go through daily.

Theory had guests Don Will, MotionPlus, Lolligag and so many more. This was the best album of 2010 in our genre (besides the Sean Little and Wonder Brown joint). Vote for Theory here!

~ by Michael Stover on March 7, 2011.

One Response to “My Album of the Year: Theory Hazit “Modern Marvels””

  1. Yo, this is a good album, for album of the year. I really dig Theory’s Music. Humble Beast as a lot of fiYAH coming out this year. I very excited about what that camp is doing

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