Fab Da Ecletic: “Bombshell” Review

In my eyes Fab Da Eclectic is part of a group of producers and emcees that are extremely underrated not just in hip hop but Christian Hip Hop too. So before I even start this review make sure that you check out Fab Da Eclectic he’s been on the grind for a long time and has made a lot of hits and great albums to listen to. Now on to “Bombshell” when Fab sent me this record he said it was different than a lot of his past stuff. It wasn’t till I actually sat down and listened to his record that I understood exactly what this meant.

First off this is NOT a Christian Hip Hop record…..it’s not even a hip hop record. I don’t even know what genre this fits in, soul? A little bit of rock? I couldn’t put my finger on it, I still can’t, but I do know this: It’s real good music. The “Bombshell” journey begins with the track “Hello”. It’s fun and who in the world knew that Fab had a voice? I know I didn’t!

Moving a couple tracks forward to “Why Did You Go” another good track on the album but it begs the question…..ok actually the whole album begs a question. Did something happen to Fab in the relationship department? Because most of the album contains the many stages that happen in a relationship. Does this hurt the album, not at all, in fact it had me intrigued to see what the next song brought to the table. “Why Did You Go” sounds just like the title, it sounds like it’s after the break-up phase in a relationship (a bad break-up at that) where he questions why he was with his “ex”, but at the same time wants her back. Here’s a clever line:

“Jay-Z’s 99 but I got you!”

The title track “Bombshell” is one of my favorite tracks of this album. It’s more about the upside in a relationship and just having a day with your woman and doing whatever the flip you want and having fun doing it. The production that Fab did for this record is real nice, it fluctuates between some cheery kind of happy beats, but also just slightly on the dark side and I think it’s the perfect mix of beats for this project.

“Back Home” is a track that is also on the happier side of a relationship, being away from your loved one for a long time, it starts to hurt a bit, this track covers that hurt. But it also covers the joy of what happens when you finally get to see your loved one again.

When this record is over you’ll be hitting the repeat button to listen again. A couple things, first his wordplay is kind of predictable, but it doesn’t hurt the record at all. I love this record and I can say that I was incredibly impressed with this record, which I didn’t see coming at all (no offense to Fab, I didn’t expect a an almost classic). Another thing that bothered me was the last track “Goodnight” it was a good track, but I the message that I got from this song was that Fab might be dropping out of the hip hop game. If this is the case I’ll say this, FAB DON’T LEAVE THE HIP HOP GAME!!! Keep making these type of records like “Bombshell” but don’t stop the hip hop! Go out and buy this record and start blowing up Fab’s email, twitter and facebook, with messages of how he can’t leave the game! NOT NOW!!!


Rating: 4.5/5 (I really enjoyed this record, Possible Album of the Year Candidate!)

If You Can’t Buy The Record Download These Songs

  1. Fourteen Times
  2. Hello
  3. Bombshell
  4. Back Home
  5. Why Did You Go

~ by Michael Stover on March 28, 2011.

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