The Brainstormers EP Review

The Brainstormers is a conglormorate made up of a lot of hard work and emcees and producers that are massively underrated. The group is made up of Praverb the Wyse, O*Zee, Cayoz, A.L Laureate and DJ Grazzhoppa. The group released an EP a couple weeks ago for free download and let me tell you right now, it might be the best EP to come out this year. Allow me to explain why.

The EP is a straight hip hop record, emcees coming together with dope bars over some real dope beats. The second joint on the record “Mind’s Design” from a beat perspective is on some Wu-Tang/BoogieMonsters ish with the deep baseline and nice drum loops. The crew just comes with clever lines that take you back to the Golden Era.

“Cuz my rhymes excite more than your favorite porn set”

-Cayoz Da Beast

“Mind’s Design” is followed up by “4 Corner Vision” my favorite track off the album, the beat is handled by “Teddy Roxapin”. The entire crew jumps on this one and brings Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I on the track, who kills his verse. The track is all about the crew’s love for hip hop and just their different views on it, in terms of why they do, how they got into it etc.

“I don’t need an ice chain, just a nice mike game, and the right frame of mind to explain my life’s pain”

-Crooked I

I would talk about the single but if ya’ll didn’t download that when you had the chance I say shame on you. “Same Start” deals with all the corruption that is present in the hip hop culture, from record labels to some of the fake lyricism that you hear in the radio/MTV/Top 40 whatever you wanna call it. The track features Manchild which takes the song to another level. Speaking of which A.L did a good job locking up some of the guests on this album. Skyzoo, Crooked I and Manchild along with others.

The EP is dope period. Lyricism is on point the production is also on point. The only beef I have with the joint is that the range of topics isn’t as diverse as I would have liked, but the EP is FREE and it’s some real nice hip hop. Download Now!!!

Rating: 4.5/5 (It’s almost classic)

~ by Michael Stover on March 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Brainstormers EP Review”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to conduct an interview…we definitely appreciate it…

  2. Another great review! This was an EP that snuck pass me but I’m going to look for it. Thanks alot for shareing

  3. Thanks party people! Oracle Mag I’ve come to conclusion that you and I need to be building because I remember going to your site when I first started doing this blog ish. Hit me up at so we can chop it up!

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