Caramel Skillington “Legends of the Fall” and Page One and DJ Because “It’s About Time” Review

Illect Recordings apparently has a lot of tricks up their sleeve so far this year. Everything from remix albums, to some original projects from our favorite artists and who knows what else, the point is Illect has got big things in store for us listeners. For right now, Illect gives us a sneak preview of two projects coming out, hopefully this year (no confirmation on that): Caramel Skillington and the duo Page One and DJ Because.

Page One and DJ Because released the single “It’s About Time” with the b-side “Crazy Leg Sweep” I’ll only cover one of these and pray that you guys take the chance and buy the single. I had heard of DJ Because before, but it wasn’t until I heard the cuts on “Everything is Everything” that he became a favorite. Page One of course is from the duo Lojique (which used to be Othello, Page One and Nickels, but now is just the latter two). “It’s About Time” is all about Page One’s life, everything from his relationship with his parents to how he got into music. It’s pretty much Page One’s biography…..or is it autobiography……anyway, I have no idea who made the beat, but it’s pretty fresh. This single has me amped for the release and I’m sure it’s going to be worth every penny.

Now remember the Peanut Butter and Jelly show from about 2 or 3 years ago, when someone dressed something like an angel and had a voice that sounded something like Sintax the Terrific of DeepSpace5? Well him and his producer (whose name escapes me) make the duo Caramel Skillington. I’ve been waiting for this album to release for a while, simply because I’m a fan of all the DS5 emcees. The single is called “Legends of the Fall” and Sintax covers all types of “fall” from the season of fall, to himself and his flesh falling, to God catching us when we fall. It’s an interesting play on the word Fall. I swear if this doesn’t come out this year, I’m gonna scream! The beat is real chill and has a nice flute sample in it.

If you haven’t released Illect has got some heaters coming for us this year, some of which we haven’t been giving samples for yet (cough cough “The Cold War” cough). But stay tuned to and of course for all news on any Illect release, if I hear about ya’ll will know about……unless of course I get gagged and bound by Plastic to keep quiet!

~ by Michael Stover on April 8, 2011.

One Response to “Caramel Skillington “Legends of the Fall” and Page One and DJ Because “It’s About Time” Review”

  1. Word, looks dope! Thanks for the review broham!

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