Kno: One of the Best Producers In Hip Hop

Hip hop heads for years argue what makes an amazing producer that will go down in history. A couple of things are in my criteria. But the most important aspect that I believe makes a good hip hop producer is that he/she has to bring out the best in the artists that rap over their beats. Enter Kno of Cunninlynguists. I honestly believe he might be one of the most underrated producers to ever step on the planet. Just for kicks I’ll also talk about CL at the end and the some of the perceptions they’ve garnered over the years.

Kno’s been in the beatmaking game for a long time, I’ll be honest I didn’t get hip to CL and Kno’s production until Southernunderground. Kno does things well that a lot of producers these do in an average sense. My favorite part of Kno’s beats is the darkness behind them, the first beat that I got hip to from Kno was “Love Ain’t” which brings me to the next aspect of Kno’s production that I love: His Samples.

Kno’s samples are genius, I may not be able to tell you where all the samples come from but I can say that it adds a dimension to his beats that not a lot of producers utilize. The only other producer who I can think does it just as well is Apollo Brown.

Lastly Kno brings out the best in the people that use his beats. You can’t mention the success of CL without mentioning Kno’s production. Kno’s dark beats allow the emcees to go to places they haven’t gone in their music (at least that’s my opinion).

The other subject I wanted to touch on before closing is the seriousness of CL. I remember people saying when “A Piece of Strange” came out that the group had never been that serious before. Uhhh hello, anybody that listened to “Southernunderground” could hear the seriousness, yes there were some punchlines, but they still touched some serious topics on that album. Songs like “Love Ain’t” “Appreciation” “Nasty Flithy” “Seasons” and what about mother freaking “Rain”. If you think CL has been all jokes up until “A Piece of Strange” you are out of your mind.

In closing I say this, CL is one of the best hip hop groups of this time and should go down as a classic hip hop group when it’s all said and done. They touch serious topics in serious ways and Kno’s production is the perfect canvas for Natti, Deacon and himself to paint over. If you aren’t hip to CL GET LEARNED!!!

~ by Michael Stover on May 13, 2011.

One Response to “Kno: One of the Best Producers In Hip Hop”

  1. Yeah, I been feeling this Kat for a while too. This was a good write up, Very insightful. We sleep in the producers and the DJs.

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