Sintax and DJ Kurfu to release “Prince of A Thousand Enemies”

Sintax is back and from everything I’ve been told and seen he’s back better than ever. The producer who made the beat to the classic track “The Way We Walk” from Simple Moves produced this whole album. The album is being released on Illect Recordings and pre-orders have just begun for the album. Pre-Order the Limited Edition package and you get the CD, digital download, the instrumentals, a shirt, the book “Watership Down” signed by Sintax and a key chain. Go get it now! 


1. A Watership Beat Down (In 3 Adventures)
A. Notice Board
2. B. Hard Going
3. C. The Thousand
4. Of Venison Meat
5. A Thin Place
6. The Blows
7. Le Multi-TRACKeur
8. An Approaching Thunder
9. Pimp My Hrududu (The Body Shop)
10. The White Blindness
11. Ultraviolet Honeycomb (After Hours Interlude)
12. Your Brother Came Deceitfully
13. The Outskirters
14. None of the Likes

~ by Michael Stover on May 25, 2011.

One Response to “Sintax and DJ Kurfu to release “Prince of A Thousand Enemies””

  1. DOPE. Thanks for the shout.

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