Playdough “Hotdoggin” Review

It’s been five flippin years since Playdough released a solo project and in that time the emcee released an album with his collective DeepSpace5. He also released an EP and two projects of free material. So here we are with his third solo album “Hotdoggin” both of Playdough’s past projects were solid so let’s see where this one fits in.

To start off I’m just gonna say that I have no idea how long this review is going to be because there’s a lot to talk about. First off I think Nomis put it best when he said that this is a record will appeal to both Christian and mainstream audiences. Now that doesn’t mean our man Playdough has sold out, it just means that the mixture of beats and lyrics and the way the record is put together both audiences will be able to enjoy this record.

Let’s jump in a couple tracks into the record with “The Business” it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. And at first glance it just seems like Playdough taking the head of the beat and just ripping it off with his lyrics. But at second glance (aka me looking at the lyrics) you learn that it legitimately is about the business…..the business of hip hop. Now what had this hip hop fan flipping out was after the second chorus the beat slows down and surprise surprise our man goes and rips it….again:

“What I’m finna do here’s something nasty
Lines like I’m giving out candy (bars)”

Right after that is “Say Sumn” which is just that Playdough saying something, not just anything but something for the listener to take with them when they finish the record. This track covers Playdough’s story and how rocking the mike isn’t as easy as he makes it sound, but God gave him this talent and he’s gonna say something with it.

A couple tracks later we get “Franks N Beans” which features Gift of Gab and it’s all about money. How money can help you, but also how it can destroy. Gift of Gab goes nuts on his verse and further educates on some of the negative uses of money.

The album rounds out with the track “Follow It” which if my interpretation is correct it’s pretty much about technology taking over the world. We’ve seen it already, technology is the reason for a lot of people losing their jobs. The first verse is actually one that I’m still trying to grasp and Playdough won’t answer my tweet so we’ll move on.

In conclusion this is definitely a solid record, I still believe that “Lonely Superstar” is his best work but this comes pretty freaking close to that. I’ll admit that it took a couple listens for me to feel out the album, but it’s definitely one that grows on you. You’ll need to listen to the record a couple times, at the same time thought everytime you listen to the record you’ll notice something you didn’t hear on the last listen. Go buy the record Playdough fans will not be disappointed the man brings some heat and he’ll have you “Hotdoggin’”


Rating: 4/5 (Solid Project, Buy Now)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

  1. “Franks N Beans” feat. Gift of Gab
  2. “The Business”
  3. “1 Day”
  4. “So What”
  5. “Rhymer Reason”

~ by Michael Stover on May 30, 2011.

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