Michael Manasseh Massive Update Including “Gradient Skies” LP For Free

Manasseh is still one of the more underrated emcees in CHH in my humble opinion. Yet the guy is humble enough to put out his sophomore LP “Gradient Skies” out for free. I think this is his best record to date (aka it blows his debut album out of the water). The album has production from Playdough, Michael Manasseh and more. With guest features from Playdough, Jabee, Carlitta Durand and more.

Along with offering “Gradient Skies” for free, Manasseh also talked about some projects that he’s about to release. Including the B-Sides album “Making Tents” (the B-Sides is Michael Manasseh and Adam L) along with an EP of tracks that didn’t make the LP. Also we’re getting the long long long awaited album debut from Adam L.

Manasseh also talked about the instrumental albums that he and Adam L will be putting out. Hopefully we’ll actually get to see these by the end of the year. Keep it locked here for updates on both releases!

~ by Michael Stover on July 3, 2011.

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