Paradox and DJ Sean P “Mending” Review

Paradox is an underrated emcee in my opinion his sophomore album Called to Mind was a solid release but I know ya’ll slept on it. Here we are a couple years later, Paradox kept his grind on being a part of the crew drop.sci.GIANTS and is also part of the newly formed crew Team Omega. So here we are 2011 and we get his third album, which was entirely produced by DJ Sean P (of Bone Circus and Move Merchants). My prediction when I heard about this album months ago was that this would be the album to put Paradox on the map (finally, ya’ll really need to wake up) and give him the shine he’s deserved since his sophomore effort.

Having DJ Sean P on the beats was definitely a good idea from the start, his beats always have that patented Boom Bap feel to them and he always kills the scratches. The album grabs you from the minute the intro ends with what was the first single of the album “Here Lies” which features Griffin of the Tunnel Rats and Relic. The track is full of political statements and honesty about the corruption in our country. Unfortunately this is the stripped down version of the song minus Griffin’s first verse (but you can download the uncut version HERE). The beat laced by Sean P is too dope for words, with the deep baseline and his overscratching (which is a good thing by the way) had this track on repeat ever since I got the album.

I could honestly write more about the tracks following “Here Lies” (“Forecast” and “Go Outside”) but I’m gonna skip to “Blessed Broken Shared” which features Deep Space5 members Sintax.The.Terrific and Sivion. What made the track stand was the way the track varied from your average track with guest appearances. Every emcee gets around 8 bars per verse and for each verse the emcee on the mike speaks on being either blessed, broken and shared. All of the emcees on the track lay their feelings on the line about all three, showing the pain that they’ve been through but also the blessings that God has allowed in their life.

“Last Time” is one of my favorite tracks on this album just because of how much the listener should be able to relate to the track. The track tells the story of an instance where Paradox struggles with some of the sin in his life. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we all have something that we’ve promised God time and time again about something that we won’t do any more just to find ourselves falling into that same sin just one more time.

“Not Worthy” was a track I was hoping would be on the album for a couple reasons, one Paradox does what he does best and that’s being completely open and honest with the reader, second he brings Gina Chavez (who if you don’t remember had one of my favorite tracks from Paradox’s last album). Paradox lays it all in and reminds that listener that we aren’t worth of anything that we “own” in this world nor are we worthy for God’s grace. The beat constructed by Sean P is dark and fits the topic perfectly.

Straight up, I love this album, this album was everything I thought it was going to be and more. Paradox has matured since his sophomore album and it shows big time. He brought along some real dope guests but still held his own on the tracks that he needed to. Please do not sleep on this album because in my eyes it’s a front-runner for CHH album of the year. So go buy it and get your soul “mended” with some real honest to goodness hip-hop. Also slight side note you get the freaking instrumentals for this album, yet another reason to pick up this dope album!


Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic)

If You Can’t Buy The Album Download These Songs

  1. Here Lies feat. Relic and Griffin
  2. Not Worth feat. Gina Chavez
  3. Man vs. Self feat. Manchild
  4. Go Outside
  5. Blessed Broken Shared feat. Sintax and Sivion

~ by Michael Stover on August 12, 2011.

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