Defender of the Art (aka BigSto) releases “The Psych Ward” Mixtape

For those who didn’t know, I emcee and go under the alias of Defender of the Art and I just released my 4th Mixtape “The Psych Ward” which is my best mixtape to date in my opinion. It’s extremely personal and dark and is intended to help me deal with a lot of the pain that I’ve dealt with in my life. I’m very proud of this tape and hope you’ll take the chance to listen. It’s free and the beats are jacked from various producers including, Kno, Oddisee, Deacon the Villiain, Just Blaze and more. With guest appearances by Lyriz, Praverb the Wyse (of The Brainstormers) and Awair’Ness.

  1. Exhibit Stover feat. Awair’Ness
  2. The Way I Handle Life
  3. The True Story
  4. The Battle of Love
  5. Never Stays The Same
  6. Airplanes
  7. Gun (Words Hurt)
  8.  ProPain III (Sto’s Redefinition)
  9. Rhythm of the Rain feat. Lyriz and Praverb the Wyse
  10. Seasons of Emotion
  11. Late Night Walks
  12. Correction
  13. The Re-Introduction of Michael Stover
  14. High Road
  15. Not Afraid feat. Kaitrin McCoy

And maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get some bonus tracks if you download from the bandcamp page 😉 Thanks for the support fam it means a lot!

~ by Michael Stover on September 2, 2011.

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