Macho “Remember” Review

Macho of New Breed and The Tunnel Rats has been gone from the game for a while. And he had kind of mentioned possibly coming back on the sphere boards and even twitter. He had a twitter at one point and then it disappeared but a month or two later it was back and he was pushing his new record “Remember”. So here we are and the record is here, Macho has been grinding for a long time appearing on the Tunnel Rat posse records to a bunch of TRZ solo records. The only essence of a solo project we got was his “Freedom” EP from the TRZ 7 series. But here it Macho’s solo debut LP “Remember”, let’s see if the Tunnel Rat still has it.

The original plan was to not cover any of the singles because hopefully you’ve already listened to all of them, but “I Am” is too dope not to talk about. Peace 586 made the beat and Macho straight ripped. This track is the best track to sum up what this album really is. In this track he displays everything conveyed in the rest of the album, Macho can rip a beat but he’s humble about it, he displays confidence but at the same knows he still has things to fix in his walk with Christ.

Skip a couple tracks and we’re faced with “Live Your Dream” which features Dax. Now when I saw that Dax was on the track I was sure it was him singing a hook. Low and behold Dax comes in to simply kill his verse. This track defines the hardness of the Tunnel Rats, the track is all about living their dreams in music but a word to the sucka ducks that do this music for the wrong reasons.

“Dear God” is one of my favorite tracks on the record and adds another dimension to Macho’s already diverse ability and topic list. This track is all about the corruption that is in our society from the church to just how our society is run. It’s an interesting concept to the track because Macho handles asking the questions, but the track features Propaganda who plays God on this track speaking on the human race. It’s a track that allows the listener to look at the society that we’re in and focus on what’s important and that’s God.

The last track I will talk about with this review is “Give Me Strength” which brings back the classic duo of Elsie and Macho as New Breed together. I love this joint and it’s clear that Elsie hasn’t lost a step in her emceeing. It’s pretty much about the struggle that this life has and how the only way to get through this struggle is through Christ.

Macho brings it on this album, you can hear the growth in his lyrics and his lyrics are so diverse that there is something for everyone on this record. The album covers an array of topics from the corruption in society, to introspection, to his life away from the mike and everything in between. This is a record that Macho fans and TRZ fans alike will enjoy and have in rotation for a while. I think the real question is will we ever get a follow-up to this project.



Rating: 4/5 (Pretty Solid Release Buy It)

If You Can’t Buy The Project Download These Songs

  1. I Am
  2. Live Your Dream feat. Dax
  3. Run To You
  4. Give Me Strength feat. Elsie and Ashley Rodriguez
  5. Dear God feat. Propaganda


~ by Michael Stover on October 3, 2011.

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