Braille “Native Lungs” Review

Braille. If you don’t know what’s up by now you need to wake up like 10 years ago. Braille part of the Lightheaded crew and part of the Humble Beast record label has released his 7th record “Native Lungs” for free. So let’s jump in!

Right off the bat the production on this album is fire, with producers like Dave Notti, Xperiment and even Braille makes a beat for the album. After the title track and the lead single “Feel It” comes “Death of Me”. This was the track that I was anticipating most off the record due to the “Making of” videos that Braille and Humble Beast had released previously to releasing the record. The title explains everything it’s about our death to sin and death to worldly ways. Each emcee brings the business to this track and this track was the reason this review took so long because I constantly had it on repeat. Odd Thomas’ verse has me excited for the solo work that hopefully will be released soon.

“We Will Remember” is next and is one of my favorite tracks on the album for the sole reason that Braille bears everything on this track. Braille talks about the pain that he’s faced in the last couple of years and it just sounded like a track that a lot of would want to make because of how stressful this life can be. The beat fits perfectly and the fact that Braille started the track off with a prayer just made the track that much more genuine.

I wasn’t a big fan of the middle portion of the album (the tracks between “The New Raw” and “Too Many Tomorrows”). I just felt like before and after these tracks Braille sticks with the formula of bearing his soul, I felt like he kind of got away from that with the middle three tracks. The beats still bang and he shows why he’s been in the game so long I just don’t think they (with the exception of “Too Many Tomorrows”) fit with the album.

“Step It Up” is an amazing track, it’s pretty much that grown man rap that we’ve grown to love over the years. Braille has a daughter and the first verse is about he wants to be a part of her life and help her grow. If I’m correct I believe the second verse for his now wife, and he needs to step it up for her too. Braille shows his growth as a human being and a follower of Christ with this track. Dave Notti laced the beat and made it one of my favorite tracks on this record.

Xperiment stole the show on “Weapon Aid” with his beat “Up” and I’m not going to lie he’s done the same on “Native Lungs” with the track “48 Prisons”. The beat bangs and was yet another reason why this review wasn’t out sooner. I love the concept behind the song, Braille goes through a bunch of problems that is evident in our society and through our journey as Christians. At the end of the song Braille says that Christ is the only one who can unlock the prison and  it’s true.

Braille brought it on this “Native Lungs” record it was a different sounding record in terms of production and lyrically Braille beared his soul and did a bit of preaching too. If it wasn’t for the three middle tracks I mentioned earlier I honestly feel like this record would be pretty close to a classic. The record is free for download so there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this rotating in your music player.


Rating: 4/5 (Pretty Good DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!)

~ by Michael Stover on October 5, 2011.

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