Lyriz releases “Stepping Stones” LP

Lyriz has been in the game for a minute, the first time I heard him was on the Cas Metah’s “Providence Road” album and I’ve been a fan ever since. Now Lyriz releases his latest musical endeavor with “Stepping Stones”. Peep and stream the album below, it’s only $5 and you won’t be disappointed! I’ll have a review of this up soon!

The album features the likes of Scribbling Idiots Cas Metah and MotionPlus, R.U.S.H and more!





1. Intro 00:57

2. Dealt My Hand 03:10

3. Funny Farm – feat. MotionPlus 03:08

4. Ridin Wit Me – feat. Dante & R.U.S.H. 04:14

5. Push – feat. George Moss & Ric Flo 03:53

6. Outer Space – feat. Karisa 03:29

7. U Ain’t Built Like Dat – feat. Cas Metah & oRv iLL 03:49

8. Lovers Or Friends – feat. Sham & YSG Timothy 04:03

9. Never Tell A Soul 03:42

10. You Are Not Alone – feat. R.U.S.H.


~ by Michael Stover on October 29, 2011.

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