Procyse and Fo Chief releases “Nothing Else Matters” Album Mixtape

Procyse of Soulfficial talked a lot at the beginning of the year about the music that he’s doing and last week we got a big a dose of it. Procyse teamed up with Fo Chief (of The Fresh Breath Committee) to release a free mixtape/album called “Nothing Else Matters”. It’s more of an underground hip hop album in terms of lyricism (there is cursing but not from Cyse). What makes this album a must listen to is the fact that chances are you don’t know the people on this tape, I know Cyse because of Soulfficial but everyone else was a mystery, Fo Chief, MC Big House, Paul Junior, Kontrast and more emcees I haven’t heard of make an appearance on this project. It has dope production from other newcomers including Hi-Res, Stephen Herrera, One Flu Over and more are given the spotlight over soundscapes. Pick up this project and you won’t regret it fam!

1. Breathe In feat. Paul Junior 03:56

2. On Everything 03:44

3. Perseverance feat. MC Big House, Kontrast & Paul Junior 04:42

4. In The Zone 02:10

5. Watch It All Fall 02:50

6. Paperwork feat. Catch Lungs & Paul Junior 03:08

7. There For Me feat. Hi-Res & Paul Junior 04:02

8. T-Wrecks feat. Paul Junior (Bonus) 03:24

9. Take Over (Bonus) 03:13

10. Hungry feat. Paul Junior & Kontrast (Bonus) 02:39

~ by Michael Stover on November 1, 2011.

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