DJ Clutch releases “Beat Tape ’11”

My man DJ Clutch from lovely Canada continues to grow as an artist, he released a dope mixtape last year and here’s a beat tape from the talented DJ. For $5 you can get all these beats, and I suggest hitting up Clutch for some beats, they’re affordable and they’re dope. Coming off of his appearance on go pick up his new Beat Tape. Here’s what the DJ had to say:

I’m Clutch, a producer/emcee/spoken word poet from Canada. Originally representing Altona MB, now residing in Hamilton, ON. As a part of a the crews AMU(Altonas Most Underrated) and the CDN Custodians, I’ve been making beats and writing rhymes. Production is my choice element though, if asked to either write a rhyme or craft a beat, I’m already looking through drum packs.
Beat Tape 11 is a project that came about after a lunch with some friends. After the lunch my friend Harvey Rempel took me to a record store that was having a sale. I got a box full of great stuff that he and I dug out and picked through. I set off with a plan: out of these records I would craft a Beat Tape. I inserted a few beats from my vaults and added sound clips from a few new sources. Months later, with hours of more work, here is Beat Tape 11.
Available Nov. 1st for $5 (pay what you want above that)
Available Dec. 1st for free!
Take a look at all of his available for purpose RIGHT HERE

~ by Michael Stover on November 2, 2011.

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