yU (of Diamond District) releases “Disturbed” Single











yU has easily become one of my favorite emcees/producers as of late he killed it on the Diamond District album and his solo “Before Taxes” is considered a classic in many hip hop circles (mine included). The Diamond District emcee is prepping for his newest LP “The Earn”. To keep you from storming down the Mello Music Group doors, they’ve released this single “Disturbed” featuring B.Jamelle with production from Usef Dinero. Here’s what they had to say about the track:

The Song:
Disturbed is the result of watching a whole lotta sci fi/horror joints and loving how the stories played on your senses. yU heard the beat (produced by Usef Dinero) and was reminded me of waking up from a dream that he didn’t quite understand, feeling all shook up.

“Serial killer flick, watching.. Maybe I should turn / Or do I like the sight of blood, maybe i’m disturbed”

The song is produced by Usef Dinero, a verry dope cat from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – who also produced a song on yU’s upcoming album The EARN, called “Write On”. Folks should stay on the lookout for an upcoming project from Usef & yU called “Flying High” down the road as well. Disturbed also features vocalist B.Jamelle – who was able to match the songs mood perfectly, with some haunting oohs & ahhs. She is also finishing up an EP w/ yU’s 1978ers’ partner Slimkat78.


~ by Michael Stover on November 3, 2011.

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