Has-Lo releases “Conversation B”











I’m usually not a big fan of remix albums and I’m usually really not a big fan of paying for remix albums. But Mello Music Group has brought some seriousness with “Conversation B” which is in their words a re-envisioning of Has-Lo’s debut album “In Case I Don’t Make It” (which in my eyes was on of this year’s better releases I’ll be reviewing it for #WinterBreakReviewSession2011). Here’s what Mello Music had to say about the album.

Has-Lo, the Philadelphia based emcee/producer who brought you the critically acclaimed album In Case I Don’t Make It, is back! Conversation B is a complete re-envisioning of ICIDMI. Exile, J-Zone, Oddisee, Kev Brown, Eric Lau, Apollo Brown and more lend their extensive production powers to the project. It is eclectic, melodic, chaotic, bleak and brutal all at once. The journey of a man at the tipping point continues…


Mello Music Group also released a couple of the remixed songs for free. Peep game and make sure you go out and support “Conversation B”. Stream the album below and click with the link to download some free singles from the album or drop $9 for the whole project!


~ by Michael Stover on November 8, 2011.

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