Special Edition: Jean P and LAKIM “Opposites Attract” Review

Opposites Attract Cover Art

Jean P, Canton, Ohio native, co-founder of Indie label “1side Music Entertainment” and has dropped multiple projects over the last couple of years. This new project though “Opposites Attract” is one of great importance and here’s why. I saw Jean P in concert last year around this time and he talked of a project called “Opposites Attract” he actually performed a joint or two off the project. I was already a fan of Jean from before but what caught me this time was the beats. I asked him after the show who in the world these beats were from and told me about LAKIM. Before I go any further about how these two mesh together let’s talk about their album “Opposites Attract”.

The album starts with the title track and Jean P showcases his talent and cleverness as an emcee. He shows his confidence on the mike with lines like:

“He ain’t nothing nice so you might as well fear it”.

LAKIM’s production is sample heavy and filled with jazz loops so the real hip hop heads that are fans of Dilla, 9th Wonder you’ll be fans of the producer immediately. The first three tracks on the album really stick to the formula of LAKIM drops a dope and Jean P uses clever rhymes for you to nod your head to.

Fast forward a couple tracks and we move on to “Gotta Do/Next Morning” LAKIM laced on of my favorite beats on this album and Jean P steps outside of the stereotype that many commercial rappers convey these days. The first part “Gotta Do” is  a track for the ladies and the chorus sums up the message:

“Tell me what I gotta do, because I gotta be with you”

After that “Next Morning” is all about well, the morning after. Except in this case Jean P talks of how he’s not a one night stand type man. Instead he’s the type of guy who would like to take things further in more of a relationship sense. If these two tracks don’t make a ladies heart melt than maybe you don’t have a heart!

“For What It’s Worth” Jean takes more of a social commentary approach on this one. Jean takes the role of speaking to a couple whose had a kid. The kid comes first, and he handles talking to the women about dealing with the father and being a woman. He talks to the man about just manning up and handling your responsibility as a father. This track reminds me a lot of Phonte and what he does in talking to his people that are in certain situations.

The project ends with “Time At Last” and I think it’s the perfect track to end the project. Jean P and LAKIM honestly deserve to have all eyes on them after this release. My only gripe on this project was the lack of diversity in topics on this album. I felt like if I wasn’t listening to a girl joint, I was listening to a joint full of clever lyrics. Now this isn’t bad I just would’ve liked a little more social commentary. LAKIM is one of my producers to look out for here in 2012 he truly knows how to lace a really good beat and he has a sound that a lot of young producers aren’t making right now….like at ALL. If he keeps this up I honestly do expect to see him becoming a name in the hip hop world. Same goes for Jean he’s been grinding a real long time and he hasn’t let any of the obstacles he’s faced stop him from making amazing music. This project is for the real hip hop heads and I promise you will not be disappointed.


Rating: 4/5 (Great Project, GET IT NOW)

~ by Michael Stover on December 1, 2011.

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  1. great review!

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