Praverb “The Professional Hobbyist” EP

Professional Hobbyist Cover ArtI’ve known Praverb the Wyse for a couple of years now and throughout the years I’ve seen a similarity between myself and him. Granted he’s older and more mature than me, but we both run promo websites (he heavily covers the international scene and I heavily cover the CHH scene). When it comes down to it though we both just want to see the genre of hip hop do well, at the same time though we love to write our own stuff and write rhymes. Enter “The Professional Hobbyist” it’s a loose concept album with lyrics that should be relateable to the listener.

Praverb has always been a lyricist that tells things straight up, paints a literal picture for you to express how he’s feeling and what he’s seeing. This project is no different, the EP starts off with “The Journey” Praverb is just letting you know where he’s been and where he’s at now. He started off as a lyricist performing for people in high school and now while he’s still that same lyricist circumstances have changed. He’s grown up, he has more responsibilities, his time is crunched, writing rhymes and putting together projects sometimes takes a backseat to everything else we have to do in life.

Moving forward “Everlasting Struggle” should be a track that sticks with most people in this economy that we’re dealing with right now. Praverb talks of the stress that comes along with trying to find a job, whether you’re a college graduate, unemployed or whatever. At the end of the song Praverb reiterates the fact that this is all a test God’s got our back through this “Everlasting Struggle”.

“The Critic” is another accessible track where Praverb talks about the struggles within when it comes to being an artist. I can relate to the fact that I’m my biggest critic. Praverb talks on how he beats himself up over his music career. But he still continues to make music because that’s what God has called him to do.

“I Pray” might be my favorite track on this record just due to the openness that Praverb has on the track. It’s honestly like he’s praying to God speaking of his sins, faults and shortcomings. He speaks of his dreams and even some frustrations that he’s having in life.

The album ends with “November 11th” and I think it’s a perfect end to the project. The homey actually got married on November 11th. And the track really explains that this is a turning point in his life, he’s headed in a new direction and it all starts here.

“The Professional Hobbyist” is such a good album that covers many aspects of the struggle for artists and the everyday person through intricate rhymes. Even through this album Praverb does promo because the majority of the producers on this project are ones you probably haven’t heard of before (the only one I really knew was Muneshine). This album is free and even comes with a couple remixes and the instrumentals. Pick this up now, any work working person will appreciate what Praverb has to say.


Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic)

~ by Michael Stover on December 3, 2011.

One Response to “Praverb “The Professional Hobbyist” EP”

  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to review the project. I definitely appreciate your attention to detail and your ability to display your thoughts eloquently.

    Patrick aka Praverb

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