Die-Rek Interview

BigSto: What’s up Die-Rek thanks for taking some time to do this interview and I congratulate you on your success as an artist so far
Die-Rek: So for those that have been sleeping let the world know who Die-Rek is?
Die-Rek is an MC/Producer hailing out of Toronto Canada, A Husband, Father, Servant, Leader, Teacher…a son about his Fathers business.
BS: Explain how you got into hip hop and started emceeing.
DR: When I was 10 years old, my sister used to make up these little rhymes, trying to mimic Roxanne Shante and I used to beatbox for her. I thought that was my duty being that my initials are D.J., I thought it was God sent, ha ha ha. When I hit Junior High my class did a session on poetry and we had to write poems about winter, Santa, etc. I wasn’t an Einstein in school, just the average kid getting 50s and 60s, but in poetry class, I was getting marks like 95% and 100%. The teacher was putting me on a pedestal in front of the class because it was like my only point of being a whizz kid so she might as well glorify me in public, lol….I went home and thought to myself: “poetry is just like rap, the only thing is, there’s no beat.” From then on, I started writing little rhymes here and there.
BS: Now you’ve actually been in hip hop for a while, why did people (myself included) sleep on that mixtape you dropped a couple years back?
DR: Could be alot of reasons…It could be my lack of push, I didn’t really push Die-VersCity as I did The Die-Version Project or Beat Die-A-Logue, I was really just trying to get my name out around the way, more on the streets and in my country.  But the word got out I guess through DJ’s and it started crossing borders, I wasn’t really prepared for all of that.  So with the next project I was more prepared and had a different vision.  On the flip side some people didn’t hear it simply because of like what you said “people sleep” on artist that they’ve never heard before.  Alot of people that I’m connected with right now were some of those sleepwalkers, lol…they’re not even aware that I sent my stuff to them a couple years back. As an artist you have to know your calling, keep believing God, and believing in yourself.
BS: For me “The Die-Version Project” was like you auditioning for your audience, what was the motivation for the project?
DR: Definitely.  I’ve got nothing but love from that project, if there’s anything borderline that i’ve heard about the project it would be it’s length, and that’s nothing I wasn’t aware of.  I had to give it to the masses with this one.  People that heard my stuff in the past or at shows were anticipating some music, I had to display my production skills on there as well, so it was like a resume if I might say, just showing people what I got, what I’m capable of doing, and just getting my name out there.  I just needed to get folks to listen and I knew once they did, they would give it a chance and maybe say “yo, this kid’s got something!”…then later on I smack’em with some more goodness.
BS: You’re a do-it all artist, you produce, you emcee, you sing, do you think that’s required in the hip hop industry these days?
DR: No I don’t think it’s mandatory, but the more you can do for yourself, the less you have to rely on someone else.  I just try to use what I’ve been given, I know my limits…I wouldn’t say I’m a singer, I can hold my own to do a little something here and there but….ya, lol.
BS: Let’s speak a little more on your production, what inspires your sound and what equipment do you use?
DR: Holy Spirit man, beats are just an expression of what’s inside, atleast to me and of course other producers inspire me as well, hearing diverse sounds.  I use a Triton, sampler keyboard,  alongside a turntable, computer, but for the most part I chop up my stuff in the sampler and play my stuff out.  I played the piano for a few years when I was younger so I have somewhat of an ear for music and how to play.  It’s more natural to me, not knocking all the computer software producers, I think there are different ways to get what you want, which is cool, but for me, there’s nothing like playing a melody out of your spirit, chopping up a sample and making your own rhythm.
BS: What message are you trying to get across with your music?
DR: I want people to know that they have options and choices.  I want people to know it’s ok to have questions but it is so necessary to find answers.  It’s like “planting seeds”….leading people into the right direction.  Ultimately I do it for Him.  I just try to do what He has planned out for me to do.
BS:  You also linked up with Wes Pendleton for his single, how did that come about and can we expect more from the two of you in the future? 
DR: Wes and I connected through social media a little while ago.  He was finishing up his last project and he hit me up and asked if I would jump on.  The rest is history.  Definitely looking forward to collaborating again, that’s my brotha from another motha (same Father though…)
BS:  What can we expect from you next year?
DR:  Got plans for an album and ep next year and a few other projects I’m producing for some new artists you’ve heard a bit from on my projects-  I guess I’ll just say expected the unexpected for now.
BS:  Anything else brother?
DR: The support is much appreciated, and all that you’re doing to help spread the message and get good music out there keep playing your part, it’s needed, much respeck. Easy.
Thanks for stopping by fam

~ by Michael Stover on December 6, 2011.

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