Procyse and Fo Chief “Nothing Else Matters” Review

Procyse is one half of Soulfficial and going into 2011 I told people to keep an eye out on the emcee. And while his output wasn’t what I expected (hoping for his solo EP and the Soulfficial LP next year) he stayed on the grind building relationships and making moves for next year. This year however Cyse has paired with Fo Chief an emcee who’s part of the super crew the Fresh Breath Committee. “Nothing Else Matters” is an EP/Mixtape where the duo pairs up with some people I’m sure you haven’t heard of before. That’s where I come in, let’s get learned!

Going into this record I honestly had no idea what to expect. I’d heard Procyse before but hadn’t heard of Fo Chief before, I wasn’t sure what I’d get production wise or anything like that. Right from the start though with “Breathe In” the beat comes in with a deep baseline and this along with the next two tracks is the reason this review took so long. Procyse and Fo Chief come with some dark lyrics. This would also be time to point out that there are some explicit lyrics on this joint. It’s not a CHH record it’s a hip hop record.

“Watch It All” is one of the more concept driven tracks, both emcees speak of the struggle that they’ve gone through to get where they are now and refuse to give up until their job is done. The hook explains the idea of the track perfectly:

“When the world comes crashing, still gotta stand tall; feel like giving up, when we watch it all fall; they want to count us out and never see us rise; until we expose hearts and let us see us inside”

One of my favorite tracks on the record is “Paperwork” the beat had a joyous vibe to it and featured Hi-Res (who made some banging beats for this project by the way) and Paul Junior (who if I’m correct sang a lot of dope hooks). The track pays homage to all the people who’ve effected the lives of the emcees. People should appreciate this track, it has a lot of meaning and a lot soul for all of you.

I do have a couple gripes with the album. Listening to this project a couple times it really feels like these are two separate emcees that came together on a project. There really was little to no cohesiveness on this project, I couldn’t really hear the chemistry between the two guys. It would’ve been nice to see a track where the two threw the beat back and forth between the two. When you take each emcees verses separately the two can rip it, their verses are well-crafted. But when you put the project together I just don’t see the chemistry, it’s almost like a Procyse record featuring Fo Chief on the majority of the tracks or visa versa. Lastly I’m not entirely sure why the last three tracks were included on the record. I have nothing against them (they’re actually all pretty dope “Hungry” is my joint) but it seemed like they were just thrown on there to add some extra tracks, they seemed more like bonus tracks rather than tracks that are part of one cohesive project.

Gripes aside this project is solid. I enjoyed hearing both emcees kill the mike, the beats were mad fresh and this project got me hip to the Fresh Breath Committee and has me amped for the Soulfficial album coming out…..eventually. The EP/Mixtape is free so there’s no excuse for you to not pick up this project.


Rating: 4/5 (Solid Release, DOWNLOAD NOW)

~ by Michael Stover on December 8, 2011.

One Response to “Procyse and Fo Chief “Nothing Else Matters” Review”

  1. Just finally got around to hearing this and all I have to say is that Denver, Co has a lot of talent…dope review Sto

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