Rational “The BirthWrite LP” Review

Rational is a Canadian emcee and has actually been around for a while, I remember hearing him on Kaboose’s “Can’t Call It” from his debut mixtape. The emcee also release an EP last year as a prequel to his debut LP “The Birthwrite LP”. So here we are sitting with the full product, let’s go in.

First off Rational got some dope producers to get on this record which was a big reason I really wanted to hear this record. Vintage and Relic are the two names that really stand out when I looked through the production credits. I’m a fan of both and there’s no surprise that I loved the production on the record.

Starting off with the first two tracks Rash flexes his lyrical muscles and simply bodies both beats. However what I like is that the third track takes a more serious turn, where a lot of releases I’ve seen this year continue with the lyrical muscle flexing and by then it can get kind of redundant. The third track on the album is “Cocaine Cowboy” and if I’m correct this song won song of the year at SphereOfHipHop.com. The track was produced by Vintage and Rash weaves a tale about a girl dating a coke addict. Rash goes real deep into the story of what his older sister was going through. I won’t spoil it because this track is something special that you should listen to.

After the posse cut “Dream On” (one of my favorite tracks featuring Mr. J Medeiros and Pigeon John) comes the track “Maybe Tomorrow” and this brings me to the next positive point on this album. Rash once again gathers everyone by the fireplace to tell the story of drug addicts who have to know they have a problem but take the “I’ll do it tomorrow approach”. Rash does a good job painting the picture for the listener and he puts you right with the person that he’s telling the story about.

“Think 101” was the first track that I listened to when I got this record, for the simple reason that we haven’t heard rhymes or anything for that matter from Ohmega Watts in like forever! I’m pretty confident that Vintage made the beat on this one, and all three emcees go in on the topic of whack emcees trying to rock the mike.

I’ll skip “Beautiful Mess” but let me say that it’s definitely a track that you  need to hear, the album closes out with him thanking the people who’ve made a major impact on his life from his grandfather, to his parents and sister.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album, what made it that much more appealing was the balance in terms of topics covered in this album. There were dope clever lyrical tracks, mixed in with some nice storytelling mixed in with personal bits of himself. The lyrics were done over really solid production and there was a decent mix of features and solo tracks. This album doesn’t come out till next year but it’ll definitely be a good way to start off the New Year, don’t sleep on this release because it’s a dope one.

Rating: 4/5 (Dope Release, Pick It Up)

~ by Michael Stover on December 11, 2011.

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