ProCyse (of Soulfficial) Interview

BigSto: So introduce people to who Procyse is for those who’ve been sleeping?

ProCyse: Mannnn, I’m just a 24 year old emcee from Denver, CO. I’m a father, husband & striving christian.

BS: How long have you been in the hip hop scene for and how did you get started?

PC: I’ve been rapping for about 8 years, seriously. It’s a stupid story how I got started….When I was in middle school, I had a friend and his name was Anthony. He was always loud and lying, lol. One day he told this kid Travis (who rapped) that I wanted to battle him…keep in mind, I had NEVER rapped before. Since I had never rapped before, Anthony wrote the rap for me. So I battled Travis and I actually beat him. After that I fell in love with rap and battling, and have been doing both ever since.

BS: How did you get the name Procyse? 

PC: I actually used to call myself, Precise. There is an emcee here in Denver named, Manifest that I’m really good friends with. He had this certain accent that whenever he said my name it sounded like “Procyse”. Although he was doing it unintentionally, it ended up sticking and I just ran with it.

BS: I first got hip to you on the Soulfficial mixtape “Forever Is Ours”
(for those who don’t know Soulfficial is MizLogik and Procyse) how did
Soulfficial start?

PC: Miz & I actually attended the same church before we knew each other. We both had mutual friends that would always tell us about each other and how we both rapped. We ended up crossing paths a few times and actually just started building a friendship before anything. After building the friendship we were both approached by a local label to get signed, but they felt it would be best to do it as a group. Miz & myself agreed, and the rest was history….Soulfficial was born and will never die.

BS: I actually met you through twitter and after following you, I’ve
realizedthat you do A LOT of building through twitter. Tell me about

PC: Yeah, man….Twitter kind of puts you on the same playing field as a lot of these artists, and you realize how human and approachable they really are. I’ve built with a lot of people and artists through Twitter, and it’s been such a blessing. It actually hooked me with one of my favorite emcees ever, Griffin. He will be on my next album…

BS: Now I didn’t really know Colorado had a rap scene till I met you and
you told me about Xperiment’s old group and then the project you did
with FBC’s (Fresh Breath Committee) Fo Chief. Tell me about the
Colorado scene.

PC: Man, Colorado has such a DOPE hip hop scene. From FBC to Courtland (who now lives in Portland” but there are sooooo many more. Spoke-In-Wordz, Manifest, Foodchain, Whygee, Main Course, Prime Element, the reMINDers, D-Know and sooooooooooo many more that I can’t remember right now. You’ll hear a lot of them through the music I relese.

BS: Now son, on a brother to brother level, I honestly had you posted as
the emcee to watch for this year, but your projects with Soulfficial
and your solo EP never happened. What gives homey!!! 

PC: Haha, life. Na, for real though…It’s all about timing. The Soulfficial album is pretty much done as far as recording goes. It’s just the fact of me and Miz finding time to sit down and get past that stage….you WILL see it in 2012, you have my word!!! As far as from me, I’m almost done with a solo album produced entirely by Stephen Herrera and an EP produced by Binox. Those you will see early next year. Fo Chief and myself are also workig on the follow up to Nothing Else Matters. I have afew things else going, that I can’t speak on at the moment.

BS: What message are you trying to get across with your music?

PC: I’m just trying to show my story, and hopefully the person that is struggling with the same things I am hears it. I love God, so you will always hear him in my music, but I just want to be an alternative to all the garbsage out their right now.

BS: We got a chance to ehar you with the EP/mixtape you released with Fo
Chief called “Nothing Else Matters” how did you and Fo Chief link up
for this.

PC: Fo Chief and I actually used to be a part of a big group called, Boostwell. Boostwell consisted of all the FBC crew, myself and a few more emcees. After Boostwell had a fall out, we all went our seperate ways. A few years passed and me and Chief ran into each other and just picked up right where we left off…we started collabing on each others projects and we ended up talking about doing a mixtape…a few songs in we scrapped that idea and decided to do an album. The rest is history….

BS: When aren’t ripping the mike or getting destroyed in Call of Duty 😉
what are you doing?

PC: Hoooolllllldddd on, I don’t get ripped on COD! Check that 5280 Clan, and get smoked, haha. For real though, when I’m not doing those I’m usually working on spending time with my fam. Family is super important to me, so I do it every chance I get.

BS: What’s your opinion on the current state of hip hop?

PC: I love it, there is so much good music coming out right now. Every time I turn around someone is releasing something dope. I mean, there is a lot of trash out there, but never has there been so much good stuff coming out at the same time…I love it.

BS: What hip hop did you listen to growing up and what artists inspire you?

PC: I actually grew up on dirty south and chopped & screwed music, lol. I was originally from Texas so that’s all I knew. One day my friend showed me Masta Ace, and the rest was in the books. I grew up on too much to name, but I absoultely LOVE Dilated Peoples. The people that inspire right now are Braille & Theory Hazit. I just love their stories and what they stand for.

BS: Who would you like to work with before your career is over?

PC: I’m down to work with whoever, lol. But my top three are Braille, Theory Hazit & Trip Lee. All three have different reasons, but yep…those are my top three.

BS: What can we expect from you and Soulfficial in 2012?

PC: Soulfficial album Truth Speakers, Broken Things (Procyse & Stephen Herrera) album Follow The Leader, Co-Founders (Procyse & Binox) EP The Uprising and a few more things….

BS: What music are you bumping right now?

PC: Right now, Braille “Native Lungs”, R-Swift “Anomalous”, S.O. “So It Begins” and NeoPsalmz “Prelude to a Renaissance”.

BS: Anything else fam?

Thanks for all the love you show me and my crew. 2012 will be a big year, and don’t do drugs. HOLLER!


~ by Michael Stover on December 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “ProCyse (of Soulfficial) Interview”

  1. Good work…that purple text though haha

  2. Yeah, that purple text is a bit much. lol

    Also, some major talent in Colorado is Raging Moses, Amasiah, Bridge B, Jae-L, Ackdavis (recently moved to Texas), JCarter, Luke Atencio, etc.

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