Christian Hip Hop All-Time Album List (#26-30)

So I work for a radio station that resides in Texas and I was told to put together an all-time list, so here it is, numbers 30 through 26 in my top 30 CHH albums of all time.

#30: L.A Symphony “Disappear Here”: The Symph crew had been cut down to just five emcees, Flynn, Cookbook, Uno Mas, Sharlok Poems and Joey the Jerk. A lot of people thought that this album wouldn’t work out. But I think this was the group’s best album. They didn’t stray from the original sound that the group started with but at the same time I believe this album was more mature than all their other efforts.

Key tracks: Rise, Pops Song, Put Up Or Shut Up

#29: Sareem Poems “Black and Read All Over”: Sareem Poems is definitely my favorite member of the Symph crew from a solo standpoint. For this project he enlisted the help of Theory Hazit (of Scribbling Idiots) to produce the majority of the joint. He also brought along a slew of guests to accompany him on the mike. The project was banging on every level and Sareem brought the heat.

Key Tracks: Shake It Up, Come Get It, Hard Labor

#28: Cas Metah “Guest Room”: I always used to tell people that if you were just getting into CHH the one album you need to listen to is Ohmega Watts “The Find” but now I tell people it’s Cas Metah’s “Guest Room” album. Everybody and their mom is represented in this album from SI, DeepSpace5, Lightheaded, Future Shock, The Tunnel Rats, everyone is represented on the mike, some of CHH’s best producers are on the beats too, from Vintage, Dust, Theory Hazit, MattmaN and more. Don’t sleep.

Key Tracks: Gravity, Laying the Foundation, Told You So (remix)

#27: Stephen the Levite “To Die Is Gain”: I have to thank Sphere for introducing me to The Levite, I don’t know too much about the production behind the album but the lyricism on it is on another level. Levite will challenge the Christian listener to look inward and examine the life they’re living with Christ.

Key Tracks: To Die Is Gain, Night Light, The Legacy

#26: Sho Baraka “Lions and Liars”: Considered one of the classic albums of last year, Sho Baraka put Reach Records and that kind of sound on the map for boom bap lovers such as myself. Front to back this album was dope!

Key Tracks: A Word From Propaganda, Shut Us Down, Feel So Alone

~ by Michael Stover on December 15, 2011.

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