Lyriz “Stepping Stones” Review

Stepping Stones Cover Art

Lyriz, the first time I had the guy was on Cas Metah’s “Providence Road” and his verse was one of my favorites on the record. I’ve been building with the homey for a while now and he even dropped a verse on my mixtape “The Psych Ward”. After bugging the guy for a minute Lyriz finally released his debut album called “Stepping Stones”. It’s a perfect title for this being his debut Christian Hip Hop album let’s go in.

After the intro we’re given “Dealt My Hand” and it’s production is solid and kind of sets the bar as to where this project is going. Lyriz is determined to get your attention with this track and perk your ears for the rest of the project.

A couple tracks later we get “Ridin’ Wit Me” which is where I start to have some problems with the project. I have no problem with bangers, but I feel like some of them didn’t really have the content that some of the other tracks had. “Push” was a track that had a bit of content, but it was a track that wasn’t feeling too much. I did like “U Ain’t Built Like That” because it’s a battle rap track and all three emcees (Lyriz, Cas Metah and oRv ill) go hard.

As the album comes to a close that’s when I really start to enjoy the project, “Lovers and Friends” is nothing but that “grown man rap”. The track features Sham and YSG-Timothy and all three emcees rap about the topic of one-night stands and hook ups as an artist. They all speak on how these opportunities with a one night stands aren’t worth messing up their marriages with their wives. Everything with this track is good from the beat, to the hook to the respective emcees verses.

My absolute favorite song on this track is “Never Tell A Soul” and this is kind of what I wanted to hear more of throughout the album. Lyriz bears all on this track and it allows him to connect himself with the listener. He talks about his past problems and even talks about some things I didn’t see coming, but the listener should be able to relate to something that Lyriz says on this track. I was really hoping to hear more tracks like this on the rest of the album but this one was on repeat for a while.

Lyriz’s debut album is actually somewhat balanced in terms of content, but I think that some of the tracks started to sound the same. The last four tracks were the best four tracks on the album because there was a good balance of banging hip hop, introspective and reflection tracks. There’s no excuse for listeners not to pick up this album because it’s free. This album is a nice introduction to Lyriz and I know for a fact he’ll continue to grow as an artist. And from what he’s told me he’s got a lot coming up for 2012 and I promise he’ll be on my new project too. Pick up “Stepping Stones”!


Rating: 3.5/5

~ by Michael Stover on December 17, 2011.

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