2011 Best Free Downloads

Let’s face it in this economy we’re all broke so I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite free releases from this year.

Opposites Attract Cover ArtJean P x LAKIM “Opposites Attract”- Easily was one of my favorite projects this year, I had been waiting for this album for almost a year and when it dropped it was definitely worth the wait. This is a free download that I would’ve easily have dropped $13 for a physical copy. LAKIM proved that he will be a household name here in the next couple of years (I promise you that) and Jean P showed that he has clever lyrics that can outrap some of the game’s supposed “greats”.


Professional Hobbyist Cover ArtPraverb the Wyse “The Professional Hobbyist”- I was waiting for the homey to drop this EP and with the lose concept and Praverb showing his frustration and perseverance throughout the whole project makes this one a must have. With beats from producers that you probably haven’t heard of that bring the heat, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t have this.


Nothing Else Matters Cover ArtProcyse and Fo Chief “Nothing Else Matters”- I had been waiting for music from Procyse since the Soulfficial mixtape release. It was rumored to be a mixtape at first, but what we got was a EP with some mixtape bonus tracks and it did not disappoint. The project featured some producers and other emcees that you probably have heard of.


Gradient Skies Cover ArtMichael Manasseh “Gradient Skies”- This is Michael Manasseh’s sophomore album and after selling it for $10 on the release date, he’s now offering the album for free. Featuring beats from Playdough, Michael Manasseh and more, with on point lyrics from the emcee, Download this now!


The King's Khrysis Front CoverKing Mez x Khrysis “The King’s Khrysis”- This was one of the early releases of the year and I think a lot of people have been sleeping on the project since. But King Mez and Khrysis came together for a real solid project. People appear to be sleeping on King Mez, but you’ll know his name by next year when his album drops if you don’t already.


Die-Rek “The Die-Version Project”- The Canadian emcee literally dropped a bomb on us out of nowhere. One minute I was waiting for the next Humble Beast album next thing you know I was bobbing my head to “Grown Man Biz” off this project. This was more or less an audition for the emcee and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it.  


The Breax “Breax Over Series”- TheBreax went hard this year, releasing three different mixtapes filled with mixtape joints and original joints. Releasing over 50 free songs in preparation for their EP “Parting Gift” and their album “Never Arrive” (which just came out).


A-Music-ManifestoCitizen Aim “A Music Manifesto”- This project is filled with Citizen Aim’s best work and some unreleased work that no one ever got. Featuring verses and production from the emcee. RIP my friend.


Wed White and Wu Cover ArtHeath McNease and Playdough “Wed, White and Wu”- This was definitely a project that came out of nowhere but generated a lot of buzz. On the day of the release it was the #2 release on the bandcamp site. This mixtape is done over all Wu Tang beats and the two rip the mike. The project features, Sintax, Manchild, Propaganda, Goldin Child and more.


A.L Laureate “Closed Eyed Insomnia” – This project is from The Brainstormers emcee A.L Laureate and it’s a 7 day excursion in the mind of the emcee. All spectrum of emotions are shown on this joint. “Wait Gain” is still my joint on this EP.


Honorable Mentions

Jean P- Will Rap 4 Food

Xperiment and B. Lewis- Seesaw Kids

Theory Hazit- Extra Credit (Deluxe Edition)

LAKIM- Angels With Flithy Souls

yU- A Garbage BeatTape

~ by Michael Stover on December 20, 2011.

One Response to “2011 Best Free Downloads”

  1. Thank you for mentioning my album amongst these other great releases…

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