ProCyse and Stephen Herrera “Follow the Leader” Review

Procyse is my upcoming emcee of the year, most of y’all don’t know him yet, but he’s dope and nice with it. Last year he released a project with Fo Chief (of Fresh Breath Committee) that was nice and he held his own. Now here we are a couple months later and Procyse has dropped his debut project produced entirely by Stephen Herrera, who chances you also don’t know. This project is a greeting party for both of them and they both bring it. I present to you “Follow the Leader”.

The “intro” is where Cyse lets the listener know what this project is about, Cyse opens his soul to all of us on this project. Stephen Herrera brings a nice piano laced beat on the project that fits perfectly with the content of Cyse’s rhymes.

My favorite song on this project is “Losin’ Myself” the track features Griffin and Raging Moses. The track speaks of the struggle that we all go through in life and how life can take us off balance spiritually. At the end of the day though God is the way that we get through everything in life we struggle with.

After a real nice spoken word piece by The Ad3pt we get the lead single off the project “Rest of the Night”. This track hit me personally because at night at least for myself is when the battle on the inside happens. Cyse speaks on that battle, but once again speaks on the restoration that the Lord is willing to give us if we let him. Stephen Herrera brings an interesting beat for this track with samples of 8-bit sounds and an array of different sounds and transitions to the track.

The album rounds out with “Restore My Soul” which is Procyse’s testimony. He lets us into his past and his life before Christ. Lastly he fills us in on the work that Christ has been doing in his life. “Follow the Leader” is an amazing first step for both Cyse and Steve. The project comes with the instrumentals so you get the artistry on both sides. The project is free so there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick this up.

Rating: 8/10


~ by Michael Stover on March 5, 2012.

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