ABOUT ME!!! (Contact Info)

This blog is all about promoting God’s message through Christian Hip Hop reviews. I feel like the genre is massively underrated and people don’t understand how awesome it truly is.

When I’m not reviewing records I’m recording my own stuff.

This blog is about my life —-> http://bigsto.tumblr.com/

I’m a very approachable guy and I try to review 99% of what I receive in my inbox, if you need anything reviewed or you’re trying to build or you just wanna know if I prefer bacon or a Baconator (I prefer straight Bacon….Baconators make my heart feel funny) just email me at


Now I will say with the reviews that I’m a little backed during the year because of college, but if all goes as planned (and I get a laptop) I should be able to crank out quality reviews at a much faster rate. But I usually take my vacation time in the winter and summer to go through the music I get. But like I said with the laptop it should be a heck of a lot easier.


-Peace and God Bless

Michael Stover (BigSto)

10 Responses to “ABOUT ME!!! (Contact Info)”

  1. hey, what’s up man? This is Braille. Looks like you got a dope blog here. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Feel free to email me at braillehiphop@hotmail.com

  2. Big Sto,

    What’s good? My name is J. Pitts and I am checking episode #5 of your podcast now. You are playing some dope stuff! As I haven’t seen your e-mail posted anywhere on the website, could you shoot me a brief e-mail? I have a proposition I want to talk to you about.

  3. jdotpitts@gmail.com is my e-mail!

  4. Nice to see you posting Braille, Othello, Theory and tons of other Portland rappers! I’m like J. Pitts, I haven’t seen your email anywhere and I’d love to send you products for review. Let me know how I can reach you. thanks!

  5. just sent you a email. I would love for you to check out my new album “Souperbowl Sunday”. Holla back and #spreadthesoup

  6. I’m diggin’ your reviewing style, sir. I’ll have to DEFINITELY send my debut album your way.
    Try not to forget me!
    -One Love

    • oh yeah for sure send it to me, I’d love to review I love Spoken Word! And I won’t forget you I promise!!!!

  7. This is awesome stuff Sir, jus sent U an e-mail and I hope we can connect in the near future..

  8. Keep up the great work! I enjoy your commentary and your perspective!

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